MISANO-ELF CIV- Italian Speed Championship

After demonstrating the competitiveness of the 450 engine in the first part of the CIV, came the second part of the project: reducing power to match the current Moto3. For the fourth test of the championship in Misano, we adjusted the throttle to 90% and, after the first free practice, we readjusted it to 80% to achieve a perfect balance. With this we finish with the tenth best time for the race.
The first race, despite the fall 4 laps to the end, served to demonstrate that even with 80% of the accelerator, the motorcycle remained competitive, leading the race on numerous occasions.
The consequences of the crash recommended not participating in the second race.
The Moto3 + 450 project is consolidated and we couldn't be more satisfied.

Thanks to all the collaborators, dreamers and people who are not satisfied with following the pre-established paths!


The next appointment will be the weekend of September 21-22 at the Mugello Circuit.